International students find multiple opportunities when they step into the US job market. There are more than 400 recruiters who are always looking forward to hiring fresh candidates for OPT CPT jobs in USA. A plethora of opportunities are created, markets are developing, and the scope of various streams is evolving. Every candidate from different backgrounds, STEM or NON-STEM finds many opportunities to kick-start their career. They get the chance to work with global competitors, in a heterogenous market where there are students coming over from every part of the world.

International students who have recently stepped into the US job market get the chance to work with many top-notch companies such as Amazon, Apple, Deloitte, E&Y, and Google. Several other recruiters who are small-business stakeholders also hire fresh OPT CPT candidates for entry-level jobs. Recruiters can offer various types of employment to the freshers such as full-time, part-time, short-term hire, and contractual.

Tips for getting OPT CPT jobs in USA

Approximately a million international students are arriving in the USA. But not all of the candidates are capable enough to get decent job offers. Only F1 visa holders are entitled to get work authorizations while they are enrolled in any full-time degree in any college or university based in the USA.

Certain tips are to be followed by candidates who are looking for suitable cpt jobs in usa.

  1. Create a professional profile- OPT CPT candidates must create professional resumes, to create a more attractive profile. Recruiters tend to hire professionally experienced candidates, which helps them with the training as the candidate is already aware of the corporate culture. The resume must contain all the relevant information related to educational qualification, and professional experience, including internships or volunteering, or any relevant skills and attributes which might be important for the given job description.
  2. Know your educational field- Before opting for any degree, a student must understand its scope and all the relevant options attached to it. The candidates must not waste their chances to get quality education in a less relevant field. They have to start their professional journey with that degree and they must focus on the demand of that educational field in the US job market.
  3. Target relevant organizations- Many recruiters are hiring for their firms, and companies, at entry-level positions. Not all the jobs are relevant so the candidates must focus on those jobs which are related to their Major. As F1 visa holders are entitled to get jobs only in the fields of their education and not otherwise.
  4. Documentation to be completed on time- All the students who are looking for OPT CPT jobs in USA must complete their documentation filing within time. They must find suitable employment within 60 days of completing their degree. All the candidates who get suitable jobs must inform every detail to the Designated School Officer DSO. All the changes in the terms of employment must also be informed to the DSO. 
  5. Candidates must make relevant connections- all the students abroad have gone through this feeling of being alone. It is nearly impossible to find true friendship in a foreign land. Not all the people you meet are your friends. So one must choose their circle wisely. OPT CPT jobs are majorly recommended by peers, professors, and other social circles. So one must build up reliable connections, many of the issues in a student's life are resolved through networking.
  6. Find the best mentors- Many online forums are operating, which assist the candidates to get relevant jobs as per their educational qualifications. Students can opt for any of such services, but the best of them is to be obtained through research. Extensive research is needed for finding the best options for training and placement.

How OPTnation helps in getting OPT CPT jobs in USA

OPTnation is an authentic online forum, that has an efficient team that is working for the candidates and recruiters. The team assists and guides the candidates, in their Optional Practical Training and Curricular Practical Training. Candidates who are looking for CPT jobs in USA can find the best job opportunities on their website.

There are many potential recruiters registered with the team OPTnation, and these recruiters are always looking for fresh and talented young OPT candidates, who can be beneficial for the growth of the company. Not all the applications that approach the company are relevant or can be proven to be the best fit for the company. So the recruiters rely on the team’s recommendations of relevant OPT resumes.

Ways in which the team of OPTnation assists the candidates for job opportunities.

  • The team of experts at OPTnation carefully manages the massive database of resumes. The resumes come from various streams and candidates of various backgrounds.
  • The team categorizes the resumes into different sets such as educational qualification, visa status, professional experience, and relevant skills.
  • The team prepares a short list of relevant resumes as per the job description submitted by the recruiter. And recommends only precisely matching resumes to the recruiters. It cuts the chase of finding the relevant set of resumes.
  • Profile screening is conducted by the team, it saves time and energy for the recruiter.
  • The team also redesign and modify the resumes of the candidates professionally. It creates a mature and professional outlook for the candidate. Hence it creates more chances for the candidate to get job offers.
  • The team also conducts sessions in which students are trained for their upcoming interviews. It boosts the confidence of the candidate to appear in front of the hiring team.
  • Students get counseling sessions to understand the market and corporate culture.
  • The team of experts understands the hiring pattern and scope of the degrees in the job market. The advice given here is genuine.
  • The team of experts provides 100% assured leads to the recruiters. The recruiters get responsive candidates for their companies.
  • All the specifications for the job are clearly understood by the team and only relevant resumes are recommended.
  • The recruiters after registration get access to the massive database of resumes. It gives them the chance to pick out the relevant resume for their consideration.