More than 400 recruiters are aggressively hiring fresh candidates for OPT jobs in USA, for various job roles. Recruiters publish recent job postings on their websites but it is really exhausting for a student to keep the track of all the suitable companies on daily basis. Not all the applications that approach the company are fit for the given job description. Profile screening is a time-consuming process for the recruiter and sometimes they end up hiring not good fits for their companies. It is a waste of time, energy, and resources for the company, to save time and energy it is very essential to target the right set of candidates.

OPTnation provides the right assistance to recruiters to find relevant sets of resumes for the given job position.                

  1. The team of experts conducts profile screening which is a time-consuming process and categorizes the relevant resumes based on educational qualification, visa category and visa status, professional experience, and relevant skills.
  2. The team of professional provide a set of relevant resumes which are based on 100% authentic leads
  3. All the profiles in the database of the team of OPTnation are verified and genuine, team conducts a background check before recommending the profiles to the recruiter.
  4. The team of professionals is well aware of the ongoing demand and scope of a particular field of education, in the job market. So a recruiter and the OPT candidate can rely on them for the changing circumstances in demand and working conditions in a particular industry.

Besides the tech industry, students can find evergreen opportunities in the staffing industry, sales and marketing industry, finance and accounting industry, and many more. Although more than 80% of international students arrive in the US job market to find potential Best OPT jobs in USA. It is a kickstart to their careers, working in the global market and gaining relevant exposure and opportunities will benefit them in a long term.

Top-notch companies like Amazon, Meta, and Google are always looking for fresh OPT candidates, they hire them on a contractual basis and it helps the students to learn about a practical outlook in the tech industry. Many other non-tech companies like Deloitte, E&Y, and many other industries like consulting and service providers, also hire SDE for programming and designing.

NON-STEM students do not get an extension in the work permit after working for 12 months they are required to apply for the work visa under a different category, such as H1B. when the company is ready to sponsor the visa the candidates can apply for the same, in the related field. For STEM students the work permit can be extended from 12 months to 36 months it helps the students get the prime years working with global competitors. Also, it is a way to retain the talent in the country itself, students contribute their learning and efforts to the US job market while working in OPT jobs in the USA. later on, if the recruiters find the right potential and a good match for the job position they can sponsor the candidate for a full-time job opportunity.