International students with an F-1 student visa are permitted to participate in paid internships and employment training programs that are directly related to their main areas of study thanks to the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) status. When all students must complete CPT as a condition of graduation, this is known as required CPT. Optional CPT is defined as work experience that is directly related to your subject of study but is not required.Part-time CPT is defined as working fewer than 20 hours per week, and full-time CPT is defined as working 20 hours or more per week.

You can help yourself by doing the following steps to get a CPT Job:


A student from outside the country who has a student visa must first research the CPT's coverage. A student is urged to start their research as soon as possible. A student can find a job if they know where to look. Despite the abundance of information, not all study topics are addressed. Many companies specifically target overseas students with CPT positions. A student may explore options before looking for ones that meet their qualifications.

Online modes

It's quite convenient to have access to internet job boards and applications. You can find CPT jobs in Los Angeles and other US states. Every student should be ready for the opportunities in the United States even if they are unsure about them or puzzled about them. Many resources are also available without charge. A student can look for inexpensive job search guidance. One could employ either full- or part-time in USA. A student can discover a knowledgeable consultant who can assist with the search for employment and employers for CPT by doing a little study. A student can conduct research or look for employment in the USA using a variety of web-based tools.

Platforms for employment

Several portals are free for both employers and students to use. Finding a job and a candidate to apply to is a crucial task. These portals shorten wait times for two time-consuming tasks. By adding filters based on their qualifications, students can apply for the positions that most suit them. International students typically just consider CPT work when conducting their searches. Through these recruitment platforms, students can look for and select the top CPT jobs in Los Angeles.

Full-Time CPT vs. Part-Time CPT

Workweeks of 20 hours or less are regarded as part-time CPT. For the fall and winter terms, you must maintain full-time enrollment in classes and be physically present on campus at all times.

If a job requires more than 20 hours a week, it is considered full-time. Please be aware that you will not be qualified for optional practical training once you have completed 12 consecutive months of full-time CPT.You must enroll full-time or take a reduced course load that has been approved for the fall and winter terms (RCL).