Many students who come to the US job market, are from STEM backgrounds. They want to pursue their careers in the tech field. Though there are many top-notch companies that are looking to hire fresh opt candidates in usa. more than 400 recruiters in the US job market tend to hire OPT candidates for entry-level jobs, for both tech and non-tech job opportunities.

As OPT authorizes the students to get employment opportunities in their academic field only, they cannot work in any other field. Relevant opportunities in their own educational field make them a master of their courses, practical training will help them grow at their level best. The motive is to make them contribute their learnings and knowledge of technical know-how to the US job market only. They are getting global exposure which will make them competitive and highly motivated to pursue their careers in an advanced manner.

Though in many instances lack of networking and guidance might cause trouble for new international students. Sometimes fraud might happen in the name of the job offers. International students must rely on authentic online forums like OPTnation. The team of professionals at OPTnation is always ready to assist OPT candidates for their dream jobs, in decent companies. There are many instances where the students because of the lack of right knowledge miss out on very great opportunities, as the team understands the market and scope of the degree very well. They can assist and guide the students in a more professional manner. They also modify the resumes of opt candidates in usa, for attracting more and more job offers.

All the recruiters signed up with the OPTnation are e-verified. All the candidates registered with the OPTnation are verified and genuine and are prepared well for the potential job opportunities.

The resume database engulfed various profiles of students from different streams. They are qualified and eligible to get employment as per the guidelines issued by USCIS. Not every profile may be a great fit for the company but OPTnation tries to make recommendations based on precisely matching resumes. Recruiters get a shortlist of relevant resumes which matches the job description submitted by the recruiter.

All the resumes of potential OPT candidates are categorized on various criteria educational qualification, professional experience, relevant skills, and capabilities that are required for the job role. Once the recruiter is satisfied with the recommendation he will call out the OPT candidates for the interview. Although he won’t hire all of the he will get the best options to choose from.

OPT candidates are guided unless they get a decent opportunity to work in any area of their educational field. It is not necessary for a candidate to work full-time he/she can opt for part-time and can also work for various employers at one time. But all the information related to the terms of employment must be communicated with the DSO. The DSO must be informed of all the changes occurring in the employment. OPTnation understands the market well and will trace all the necessary changes and will create the profile of the OPT candidate accordingly.