This phase is the most challenging one for international students who seek to make promising careers in one of the world’s largest markets. The US job market welcomes about a million international students each year, out of which more than 80% are here from STEM backgrounds and want jobs in tech fields. There are more than 400 recruiters who seek to hire fresh OPT candidates for OPT jobs in USA, on a contractual basis.

Although finding a decent job in a foreign land is a tough nut to crack, with the right knowledge and connections one can find the most suitable job opportunity. This is a fact for international students it is a task t find reliable connections, for job references, but they can rely on an online job forum OPTnation which is an authentic and verified platform.

Many industries are actively hiring always, such as the staffing industry, sales/marketing, Education/Training, Healthcare, Art and design, Finance and accounting, Engineering, and Information and Technology. Entry-level jobs are offered with good salary packages to freshers, on a contractual basis which is beneficial for their practical learning.

OPT stands for Optional Practical Training, which is a set-up in which an international student who is enrolled in any full-time degree or course in any college or university based in the USA, gets the privilege to work. They can opt for either pre-completion or post-completion of their degree. During pre-completion OPT they tend to work 20 hours per week, while in Post-completion OPT they can work full-time. Also, they can opt to work for more than one employer, they can get employment only after they have Employment Authorization Document (EAD).

OPT candidates get a whole span of 60 days to find employment, and if they find one, they must update everything with the Designated School Officer (DSO). The request to get OPT also has to be filed with the DSO then the application will be forwarded to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

How Optnation Helps To Find A Decent Job

OPTnation is a one-stop destination for students who look for decent opportunities in Best OPT jobs in USA. They offer plenty of services for OPT candidates to find suitable employment. They have a huge database of OPT resumes in which the potential OPT candidates drop their resumes, they also blast the resume so that it appears on every recruiter's screen. The team of professionals shortlists the resumes based on education qualification, visa category, visa status, professional experience, and relevant skills and capabilities as per the job description submitted by the recruiter.

Recruiters sign up for the services of the team OPTnation and get a relevant set of resumes to choose from, team of professionals shortlists the resumes after profile screening which helps the employers to choose. The best-fitting resume is then chosen for the given job position and the employer moves forward with the resume.

The team of experts not only assists the recruiter but also helps the OPT candidates to make a professional resume before applying for any job position. A professional application makes a lot of difference for the recruiter, hence it increases the chances for the candidate to get short-listed.


  1. The F1 Visa holders get a work permit to get employment while they are enrolled in any full-time degree or course in any college or university based in the USA. the work permit is authorized by the USCIS after the OPT candidates issue an application to work with the DSO.
  2. OPT candidates must find employment within 60 days, of completing the documentation they will be issued EAD without which they cannot get employment.
  3. The OPT candidates can find many entry-level OPT jobs in USA with the potential employers who are actively hiring fresh candidates on a contractual basis. Although candidates can work with more than one employer.
  4. They can opt to work at either pre-completion or post-completion of their degree. At pre-completion, they get the authorization to work for 20 hours per week, while for post-completion they can work full-time for 12 months.
  5. This period varies for STEM students, they can extend it from 12 to 24 months, getting in a total of 36 months. There is a lot of demand in tech companies, so more than 80% of the student arrive with a STEM background to get lucrative packages in the tech industry.
  6. Many other industries offer decent packages to the OPT students, such as the staffing industry, finance, accounting, sales, and marketing, etc.
  7. One can rely on OPTnation's team of experts for finding a suitable job in any sector as per the educational qualifications. They assist in resume-building and counseling sessions for boosting the confidence of the candidate. Hence it increases the chances of short-listing and getting job offers for the OPT candidate.